Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What a productive weekend!

We should have our family come for a visit more often as we got a ton done Saturday & Sunday and it looks fabulous!

We just need to touch up some spots but we need a smaller paintbrush so hopefully we can finish tonight. The new cabinet pulls really brightened it up too even though they aren't exactly what I wanted but some of those darn things are like $4-5 a piece.

I also have the fall bug now so I just ordered a wreath for the newly painted kitchen from Etsy (don't you just love that site!!)

I also ordered some pictures of Hattie and bought some nice black frames from Ikea so those will look great too. Of course now I am looking around thinking about tons of other projects that need to be done. When you have a house from the 70s pretty much everything needs a facelift. But one thing at a time and I am happy we got as much done as we did.

BTW, my husband's patch job on the walls actually came out ok but don't tell him I told you.


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