Friday, August 2, 2013

No excuses

I have come to the realization that I need to take off the extra pounds I have put on and I am going to join the Weight Watchers group at work.

Of course once I came to that realization the little excuse fairy perches itself on one shoulder.

Excuses from that fairy:

1. You shouldn't spend the money with trying to save and pay off unnecessary bills.

2. You hate exercising and never do it.

3. You have celiac and that will never work with Weight Watchers.

4. You have done this before and never kept it off.

Then the smart annoying fairy sat on my other shoulder during the WW open house and said this:

1. You actually just realized you have been overpaying on your insurance allotments and it is the same amount as the dues.

2. You don't have to exercise you just cut back on points.

3. They have an app for celiac.

4. Maybe this is the time you can and should do this to be sure you are around a long time for Hattie.

I hate the smart fairy.


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