Monday, August 12, 2013

Weight Watchers update week one

As I blogged last week I started Weight Watchers at work. I had resisted going for years as the thought of counting points made me want to scream. Plus since I have Celiac Disease I know I am better off sticking to whole foods which would of course be healthier anyway.

But then I heard about the Simply Filling plan with WW and it seemed like it would fit perfectly with my eating.

With Simply Filling I can eat allowable Power Foods until full (not stuffed) and I don't use points for them. I do however get 49 extra points a week that I can use towards anything that is not an allowable Power Food.

What I have found so far is this:

  1. It is a super easy program to follow that I have not struggled with at all. Of course since I have celiac I have to stay away from most processed foods anyway so I might not have as hard of an adjustment as someone else just starting.
  2. My weakness this summer has been iced coffee drinks with flavored sugary creamer. I would crave them all the time and at 4-5 dollars a pop that really added up. So I switched to an iced coffee with just half and half and guess what. My cravings have stopped altogether. Without the sugary carmely stuff added it has no appeal to me.
  3. I am addicted to a scale when I diet and this time I refuse to weigh in between meetings. I found when I used to obsessively weigh if I was doing well I would cheat and if I was doing badly I would throw in the towel. This time I have no idea how I am doing so I just keep going.
  4. I am learning how many points are in some foods that I love. For instance we might go the movies today and I LOVE icees and buttered popcorn. Well a small icee has like 4 points and usually my husband and I split a large one so that would be like 6 points. A large buttered popcorn is 40 points so even if we split it that is 20. That's almost half of my extra points for the week so forget that.

To sum it up is this is making me aware of all the extra calories I would take in and make me really think if that particular food is worth it. I really want to have lost something this week so I don't want to take a chance that a certain food won't blow my success when I step on the scale Thursday.

So onward healthy eating plan soldiers ( I guess I am not supposed to say diet) and hopefully I continue to rock the Simply Filling plan!




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