Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Been MIA

Well I have been MIA for a long time and I think it is because I felt I was sounding so boring. Maybe I posted too often and you run out of things to say. I think Hattie is the most amazing thing on the planet but reading about every little thing she is doing probably gets old fast. But let's face it. One, I don't think there are many people reading this except for good friends and a few relatives and they will tolerate my Hattie rambling and two, this was always meant to be a Grandmother diary mostly for me to put updates and pictures.

So to update, I am headed out to Maryland on Friday. I just couldn't wait until Christmas. I just miss her. I want to kiss her little face and hold her and read her a book. Pictures help but it doesn't compare to seeing her in person. So off I go for a few days and I will so make the most of them and then we are back for a whole week five weeks after that!

Running is unfortunately on hold. The same issues that always plague me when exercising are starting in. I guess I have lower crossed syndrome which means I have weak glutes and other things that cause hip, hip flexor and low back pain. So before it got horrible I stopped and started doing glute strengthening to see if I can't get them to start firing better when I run so my psoas stops screaming at me. I am very sad about this as I just loved running but I felt it coming on for a few weeks and hoped I could run through it. Oh well I'm still hoping with some time I can get back to it again.

That's about it. As always, especially with Thanksgiving coming I feel so grateful for a wonderful family, great friends and this sweet girl that has come into our lives.