Monday, August 5, 2013

Mondays. Yuck.

So here are a few reasons that even though I am so happy to be alive, thrilled my family is happy and healthy and ecstatic I have clothes on my back, food on the table and a beautiful new Granddaughter that I am not appreciative that it is Monday:

  • All the work stuff that I try so hard to keep out of my thoughts comes roaring back the minute you open your eyes.
  • Of the 100 things I should have done around the house this weekend I did two.
  • It is raining out. Which started as thunderstorms at 2am. Which woke me up. Which caused me to start tossing and turning till 3am.
  • I have a dentist appointment. Really on a Monday! Of course I will be reminded I should floss more and that I have work (which means lots of $$) that needs to be done that I keep putting off which now means I probably need additional work.
  • It's Hattie's first day of day care and my daughters first day back to work. I'm praying my daughter doesn't call me after she drops her off because then if she is crying I will start crying and everyone at work will ask what's wrong but I won't be able to answer because I will be sobbing so hard.
  • Then a rumor will start at work that I was crying uncontrollably and my marriage must be falling apart. Which then will cause my co workers to avoid me as they won't know what to say.
  • Then I will get paranoid wondering why nobody in the office is talking to me which will make me think I am in trouble at work and everybody but me knows that I am getting laid off.
  • All of this could have been avoided if I had won the Powerball.

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