Sunday, August 18, 2013

Not a day of rest in our house!

Ok. We are going to hit the ground running today to get work done in the kitchen. I am guessing this is how our morning will go:

  1. Remove all old cabinet pulls-check
  2. Install new cabinet pulls-half check as we miscounted and are five short. Crap
  3. Patch walls from when old wallpaper was removed and pulled chunks of wall with it-check sort of. (Actually my husband patched last night and still has to sand it but my guess is it will look terrible and he will think it looks fine)
  4. Fight after number 3-check
  5. Breakfast out at our local cafe to calm down after numbers 3 & 4-check
  6. Finish taping after starting at 6am & getting bored- check
  7. Start painting & realize the paint over the patched wall looks really bad-check
  8. I have two options after number 7. Ignore the ugly painted over bad patch job & goosh over what a great job hubby did. Or two well is there a two really as I am not going to sand it down, patch it and paint it again-check
  9. Finish the kitchen, stand back & marvel about how great it looks & how now we need new light fixtures, countertops and that ugly popcorn ceiling removed-check

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