Thursday, August 22, 2013

It's weigh in day!

I honestly have no idea how I will do today. Overall I was really good again this week. We did go out a couple times but I did not overdo it and even though I might have had a cocktail I at least just had one. We did have breakfast out on Sunday and I definitely overdid it on the hash browns so we will see if those things threw my weight loss off track.

The good thing is since we did so much around the house this past weekend I probably worked off some calories and work stress has kept me from thinking about eating. So think of me at 11:30 stepping on that scale and send good weight loss karma out into the universe please!

I really can't believe it is Thursday today and the start of the state fair. We need to get a bunch more things done around the house this weekend and there is a table I just have to go back for at Ikea. It's actually a desk but in their catalog they had it in a living room with plants on top of it. So cute and if we get it I will post a picture. Plus it's only $39!! Of course that means I have to get plants for it and keep them alive (a challenge).


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