Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's almost state fair time!

I don't even know if there was a state fair in NJ when I was growing up. I am sure there was somewhere in the Garden State but I know for a fact we never went.

So this obsession in MN for their state fair is a new concept to me. Even though it doesn't start for 3 weeks people are already plotting their plan of attack. What time to get there, what food booths they hit at what time and in what order, what they want to see before it gets too hot or crowded. If you ask them what their favorite foods are there they don't list off two or three, they usually have a list of like ten and describe in detail how amazing each one is.

My husband used to work in sales so he had to work at the fair every year. SInce he was there for five or six days anyway the last thing he wanted to do was go the fair on his day off.

But now that he has a different job we are starting to get into his whole fair thing. We were super excited to go last year but then I graciously fell down some steps and broke my ankle and needed surgery. But that didn't deter us as we just rented a wheelchair. I think I should get a medal for posting this horrid picture of myself but hey I had just had surgery the weekend before, showering was challenging and so was doing my hair! (and those were the only pants I had that would fit over my cast) Plus it's the fair and have you seen some of the people there!

Are we the obsessed MN fair people yet? No but I can see it happening. I am already envisioning eating the tornado potato with the sausage in the middle. Not sure how that will fit with Weight Watchers but hey it's state fair time and diets be damned!




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