Friday, August 9, 2013

I need a vaca

I am getting the August blues. You know that moment you realize that summer is slowly starting to wind down and what do you have to say for it.

Maybe it's living in Minnesota but every year around February when there is a foot and a half of snow on the ground you start dreaming of the flowers you will plant, the vacations you will take, campfires, etc.

Well now it's August and I have one day left of vacation time at work so a trip is out. I bought one large pot of flowers which died in the string of hot days we had and we have only been to the cabin twice and won't get up there again until Labor Day.

The bright spot was of course that Hattie is here. Every second of every day I am so thankful that she has come into this world and is a happy, healthy sweet ball of love. I can be in the worst mood and someone will ask how she is and I immediately break into a smile.

I guess we just have such big dreams for these three summer months and the reality is it's like 12 weeks and it's hard to cram all that fun in. The truth is though that there are still some great months left until the dreaded "W" word is back. We will be going to the state fair soon, Labor day weekend at the cabin is always fun and I will be planning a trip to visit Hattie again this fall.

I guess I just wish I had one week of vacation left to run away to a quiet lake and savor these last days of gloriousness (I think I made that word up). One week to just kick back, forget about work, Play some cards, read some great books and eat and drink too much. Oh well, I guess there is next year......



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