Friday, August 16, 2013

Success all around!

Well drum roll please! I lost 3.8 pounds and I am thrilled!! It really was a great first week and I am so happy with the Simply Filling eating plan and with my results. So now on to week two.

I really like that I have a list of foods to work from and that I just do not have to think that hard about any of it.

I need to find some good recipes so I do not get bored but then again I find my meals are pretty basic anyway. I usually have a yogurt and fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch and something from the grill and a side of veggies for dinner. Snacks are usually string cheese, fruit or popcorn.

So yay for a great weight loss and that it is Friday. I also just got a bunch of Hattie's Christmas presents I had ordered and they are all adorable. What a great week overall (other than craziness at work) and now it is the weekend and time to relax and enjoy.


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