Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's all in my head

So yesterday morning I was driving into work and pretty much examining my thoughts and why I was feeling them (I do this often by the way) and thinking about how many of those feelings I am comfortable sharing on this blog.

Blogging I've discovered is a great way to share a diary of what you are going through and wish you weren't and what you wish you were doing instead.

So I contemplated peeling away some of those layers I have built up to protect myself and share the things I am most terrified of. Things that make me cry when I'm alone in the car, things that keep me up at night and things that I swear if you all knew you would look at me in a different way or not at all.

Then as I started to write the post and deleted it and started over again I remembered what my sister in law always says. I'm not that important. Not in a shouldn't even be on the earth way but in a get over yourself way.

Everyone has their stuff. Now that Oprah is over we tend to forget that. We all have our demons. We feel overweight, under loved, overworked and overlooked. I don't handle money well, I eat really bad things, I have days where I think a therapist wouldn't even know where to start with me but my guess is I'm not alone. But the truth is no matter how little money we have in the bank, how fat we feel, how much baggage we carry from things we wish did or didn't happen in our lives there is someone that has it worse.

Life is hard and maneuvering it is even harder but let's say for today we press delete to all that stuff that clogs your brain because really it all is just stuff. Find some place that has fruity drinks with an umbrella, bring some slutty novel and your IPod and let it all go because It isn't worth spending one more nano second thinking about.



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