Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday. What does it mean?

So yes it is Saturday and what does it mean? Literally I mean. Well I looked it up and quite frankly I am not sure I knew the answer by the time I finished. It might have something to do with Saturn or whoever invented the days of the week just sat around on their butt all day and thought that was a good start to "urday".

But in our house it means:

  • Coffee and relaxation to start (so some butt sitting is involved)
  • Dog training (once again lots and lots of hot dogs)
  • Errands (ewwwww)
  • Trip to Ikea for random things we need to spruce up our house for Hattie's visit (not that she cares but I do)
  • Maybe a side trip to the Mall of America (since its basically in the same parking lot)
  • Maybe dinner at the MOA (only allowable Simply Filling foods of course)
  • Home to prep the walls (think painting tomorrow and lots of swear words from my husband)

And before I start my "Sat" urday, here is a picture of Hattie looking all Buddhaish and adorable after her bath. In 3 weeks I get to squeeze and kiss the heck out of her!!



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