Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Shhhhh, I have a secret plan

Why is it that when you decide to pay something off let's say a car or a Sears bill that something invariably goes wrong.

Our goal is to pay off our bills except our house (even though I am very open to that) and sock away a bunch of $$ so we are ready for any opportunities that may arise in the next few years.

So I kept it quiet that I was paying off a car early because you know what happens when you do. Well sure enough on the same day I got a payoff quote my husband called and said the car wouldn't start. Of course it didn't. Well luckily it ended up being the battery but was it a warning? Don't pay off that car or the car loan Gods will be angry?

Now common sense tells you that the car is getting older and things are going to start to go wrong but can I have a month with no car payment! Just one month!!

I am not telling anybody, even myself about the next bill we will pay off. Maybe I will just close my eyes point and pick something and click "pay entire balance". I wouldn't even know which one it was. Then maybe since I'm not sending anything out into the universe to any other random Gods out there then everything will be fine. Pretty please!???



  1. You probably shouldn't pay off the house -- you really will anger the Mortgage Gods and anything could happen -- roof could fall in -- the furnace could quit. GREAT post! You made me smile at 6:45 AM! Not an easy task! Just stopping by from the GRAND Social Linky Party. Hope you get a chance to do the same!

  2. Thanks for stopping GKC. I do try and do the right thing but I never can catch a break. I totally agree about the house. Maybe the key is when I get down to a few hundred dollars to pay off just send one cent every month so it's never really paid off!!