Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hump Day

I can't believe it's Wednesday already but in a way I'm not surprised as the weeks lately just fly by.

I am still battling a cold but I think I'm finally winning. I feel like not much is going on in my life to blog about right now which might be a good thing as that means:

  1. Nobody died.
  2. I didn't break anything (bones, hearts, household items).
  3. I'm not in jail even though at my age maybe that could be exciting.
  4. None of my family members including pets have broken anything or are in jail. At least not that I have gotten a call about.
  5. I don't owe any one person massive amounts of money. I also haven't won the powerball either and that would be something really exciting to blog about.

So I feel kind of boring right now. I have no new updates on Hattie, no trips on the horizon, no big weekend plans. I got nothing really. Maybe I can find a picture of Hattie at least.

Here you go. She even looks kind of bored.



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