Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Work. Yuck. Sort of.

As a new work weeks rolls around I always have a feeling of dread. I used to get the same feeling on Sundays nights before starting a school week when I was younger.

Maybe I don't have the right mindset and think of everything that might go wrong instead of everything that might go right. I do tend to stare at the crap on my desk wondering what the heck I am doing there. (this is actually my husband's desk at home but you get the point).

Every Sunday we check our Powerball numbers praying we won so Monday morning we could call in "gone". But so far no such luck.

Honestly though if I stayed home all day, every day I would go absolutely crazy. And even though work can be just too much on days it does fulfill some sick need in me to be challenged to the point of almost utter insanity.

Now that Hattie is here though I would love to watch her when Jenna goes back to work so instead of days filled with meetings and emails and conference calls I would get to be with this cute thing.



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