Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fur ball #3

We adopted Lexi a few years back when we had to put our sweetheart CC down.

We went to an adoption day specifically looking for an adult cat that just seemed like a laid back, loving and easy going cat that would fit in our family. Luckily that was exactly what we found in Lexi.

She had been found by animal control missing part of her tail and ear due to frostbite and was adopted by a family who later on had to move and couldn't take her with them. So again up for adoption she went and after a long wait for a new family we found her. She was just beautiful and I immediately said to my husband "what about this one". Well the rest is history and we have never looked back.

Her favorite things are:

  • People. She loves and adores everyone. She would lay on top of you all day and just purr if you let her.
  • Leaving surprises around the house if her litter box is even a little dirty. This is her one bad quality but it is kind of a big one. We tolerate it because we just love her to pieces.
  • Greeting us at the front door. No matter where she is at in the house if she hears you unlocking the door she will run to greet you.
  • Our dog and cat Bella. She loves our dog even though he is way too rough with her and also loves our cat Bella even though she is too rough with her too.

So here is Lexi and we just think she's the cat's meow. BTW, I looked up what "the cat's meow" means and it said extraordinary, special and loved.




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