Sunday, July 28, 2013

Attitude adjustment Part Deux

I am realizing that people that do amazing things in life probably do not walk around carrying a lot of negative thoughts in their heads.

My nephew is an accomplished musician and entrepreneur and my guess is this guy only has thoughts of opportunity and not obstacles running through his brain. My guess is not only does he have a ten year plan, he can also tell you exactly how he will get there.

So part of my plan is to not only turn negative thoughts into positive ones but also to take action steps to get there. In other words if we hope to move to Maryland one day I not only have to believe it will happen I have to take steps to make it happen.

So yesterday I decided I wanted to create more money in my life. I started looking through bills which led me to call the cable company and after spending five minutes (well more like 30) I had cut my bill by $50 a month just by asking. Now I could get truly annoyed by thinking why weren't they charging me $50 less all along but I won't go there. Then I glanced at my mortgage statement and realized that my payment is dropping $60 a month. Yes that's right, dropping not increasing. This folks is a miracle in itself.

So maybe just maybe all the answers are inside of us and we need to believe that. And maybe if I shift my thinking I will shift my life. Can it really be that easy?


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