Sunday, July 7, 2013

Four more days & POTD

So four more days now until I get to see Hattie. Just thinking of seeing her and my daughter at the airport melts my heart. Plus my son is coming on Saturday and will meet her for the first time and the thought of that melts my already melted heart.

Now for my second photo of the day. Duncan. We adopted him last year and he is a pit bull/pointer mix. We adore each other.

His favorite things are.

  • Laying on top of you. Not next to you but literally full body on top of you.
  • Eating. Anything, any time.
  • Other dogs. His problem is though he loves them too much and doesn't pick up on cues of when to stop loving them quite so much.
  • Buffalo rawhides. I try and take it away from him when he gnaws it down but he has figured that out. So now it takes a bribe of several dog biscuits and pepperoni slices to lure him close enough to get him to drop it.
  • The cats. The feeling though isn't always mutual especially when he drags Lexi around by her head.




  1. Oh my goodness! Your dog looks just like my Micky, a pointer/pit mix. Nearly exact twins! :-D