Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A trip, a visit and an epiphany

I just got back today from my visit to Maryland and as always it went way too fast.

But with that said, I had an amazing time and got to spend hours getting to know Hattie again at 7 weeks old. She definitely has such a personality already and I left with these thoughts of her:

  1. She is growing so fast and I swear she was so much bigger when I left after just five days.
  2. She has a smile that will melt your heart.
  3. She loves being sung to and I realize I need to learn a ton more songs as "If I only had a brain" from the Wizard of Oz was the only thing I seemed to remember the words to.
  4. She still adores falling asleep laying on your chest.
  5. She has the best most patient Mom around.
  6. Nobody rocks a wardrobe and especially sunglasses like she does.

But as I said in the title of this post I also had an epiphany on the way home. Maryland, particularly the Eastern Shore feels like home to me now. Since I grew up on the east coast when I am near the ocean I am the happiest. I miss Maryland more and more every time I come back to Minnesota.

And as much as Hattie is of course pulling at my heart strings it's more than that and something changed with this visit and I started picturing myself living there and I liked what I saw.

Unfortunately if we decide to make this happen it might be a few years as we need to be in a better financial situation then we are now. But I know too well that if it is to happen I have to start planning and believe it will happen and I know in my heart it will.

So overall I am not sad like I thought I would be on my first day back home. I am excited for the possibility of what is to come.



  1. Hattie does rock those sunglasses! How exciting for you -- even if it does take some time to get there you will make it. You will LOVE being close to Hattie - especially if Maryland is where your spirit is. Good Luck! Just stopping by from the GRAND Social Linky Party. Hope you get a chance to do the same!

  2. It really s great to have a plan and it might not work out as fast as I would like but I am still so excited about it. Thanks so much for stopping by Grandma Kc! Janice