Monday, July 29, 2013

The journey continues or starts

The great thing about being in your fifties is that you have the time to look at your life and see if you like what you are seeing.

Years ago I was a member of a weight loss support group and there was a woman whose children were grown, she was financially set, she had a beautiful house on the lake and she was absolutely miserable. She was in a very unhappy marriage that she saw no way out of.

I have carried that woman's story through the years in my heart and have always been determined to not end up in a place of being miserable with my life. We can't let the attitude of "well that's just how it is" determine where our life leads us.

Starting this blog has given me an amazing opportunity to look at the journey I am on and decide if it needs a shake up. I often wonder why I didn't make different decisions when I was in my 20s but maybe in our 20s we aren't ready for enlightenment as we are too busy doing life and not living it.

I have an amazing life with a great husband and kids, a nice home, a good job and now a new Granddaughter but it is exciting to think about maybe living somewhere else, having time to take some classes, have days free to have Hattie come over for the day and maybe bake some cookies and watch a movie together.

It is so thrilling to open the book that is my life and have the opportunity to add some chapters. Or maybe start a whole new book. What would your book look like?




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