Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dream house

My guess is if you are like me the dream house in your 20s and 30s looks way different than your dream house when you are in your 50s.

I used to long for houses with tons of square footage, huge rooms, wood fireplaces, sprawling yards and lots of flower beds. But then you realize that with that comes tons of cleaning, mowing, weeding and bills.

Now my dream house has a deck for some flower pots, maybe a very small yard for our dog, an open floor plan with a kitchen/family room. A master bedroom, an office and a room for Hattie. A smaller house that's cozy, maybe exposed brick and a nice kitchen. A gas fireplace as I just want to turn on a switch and not drag in logs. A cute porch out front.

I love designing my dream house in my head and wonder if this is one of those things that by thinking it, I will attract it. I can even picture the door! I need to figure out Pinterest so I can "pin" all the things I see and love. The great thing is even if we never do this it sure is fun to think about.

Home sweet cozy home.



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