Friday, July 19, 2013

Furball #2

My son's cat is very sick. And that is a part of letting these guys into our hearts and lives. And it hurts, a lot.

They can drive you crazy and make you wonder why you ever took them in. But they also make you laugh, listen to you when you are mad and love you like no other when you are down. Then one day you are faced with losing them and you swear you will never get another animal but you do. We did, several times.

And so I introduce Bella. She became our cat when my daughter moved to Maryland and she had nowhere to go. She is one of the best cats we have ever had. Her favorite things are...

  • Eating. Often. Even popcorn which I discovered yesterday.
  • Our dog. Most times.
  • Our other cat. Most times. Unless they are fighting over something which is often. But when they are getting along they adore each other and will curl up next to each other and lick one another. Until a few seconds later when the licking turns into biting.
  • Curling up in your lap and just being near you.
  • Eating. Yeah I said that already but I really can't stress it enough.


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