Saturday, July 6, 2013

Five more days!

Only five more days now till I get to see Hattie. I don't even want to wish the time away as I know the five days I have there will fly by. But no worries, I will just come home and start planning the next trip!

Since I won't always have new pictures of Hattie I thought I would also post pictures of things that are around me. I figure it is a great way to stop and take notice as we tend to just march through life and only stop when things hit us right in the face. So I will be posting these random photos of the day.

So here is the first one....

The other day I was standing in the living room and heard this loud crash and a huge tree had fallen in the woods across the street. It was about five feet in diameter so we aren't sure why it just fell. Sadly the city has tagged another large tree next to it to come down as they are probably worried that will also suffer the same fate.








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