Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer vacation

Since I grew up in NJ we used to go to Wildwood for a week every summer. I never got tired of it, never thought that we should go somewhere else. It was what our family did and I loved it.

I have great memories of lobster dinners, walks on the beach, hours in the motel pool (only after waiting for an hour after eating and what was up with that) and even the time I was staring at the sky and a seagull s*** in my mouth. Think salty and disgusting. Mostly though I just loved spending time with my family and their friends.


My husband's family had a cabin in northern Minnesota that they went to every weekend. He has amazing memories of fishing, cards, bonfires and his Dad having a few too many "Martoonies" as he called them. They still have their family cabin even though a lot of the family and friends that shared those times are no longer with us.


Now that our children are adults we struggle to find time to be together as a family. With my daughter and son in law in Maryland and my son here in Minnesota we rarely are all together at the same time. But now that Hattie is here I would love to find a way to have an annual vacation tradition. After all, that's the stuff memories are made of.



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