Wednesday, June 26, 2013


May 24th Hattie came.

It's been and still is a rollercoaster of emotions. Everyone told me being a Grandparent would be amazing but I am not sure I really "got it" till I became one. 

I love her more than is imaginable and I miss her more than is imaginable also. Hattie lives in MD with my daughter and son in law and we (husband Gus, Grandpa and aka "the King") live in MN. 

We were there when she arrived, all 8lbs 3 oz of her and we cried and hugged and instantly fell in love with her. We had an amazing week with her and our MD family and friends and then way too fast we were home and I am left with this heartache of not being able to see her. 

So I am starting a blog about how to make this long distance Grandparent thing work. It seems like a great way to have all the pictures we get of her and our feelings of love, pride and yes loneliness of being 1200 miles away in one place. I know other Grandparents are going through this and I also know we are lucky that our daughter and son in law will welcome us into their home whenever we want to and can make the trip. 

So that's how RosebudSweet has started and I am excited to see where it goes and how my journey as a new Grandmother evolves. 

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