Thursday, June 27, 2013

First month

Even though I have two children it still absolutely amazes me how fast they change. The last time I saw Hattie was when she was born and lets face it one minute they look so sweet and adorable and the next minute they look like a constipated old man.......

But now she is a month and she has changed so much. I am going to see her in a few weeks so I'm wondering will she remember me? Will she scream when I rip her from her Mom's arms? How do I become a real part of her life and not just a picture that my daughter points to and says "that's your other Grandma" the one that makes you scream every time she picks you up. The one that sends clothes, books and toys every month (week) because it makes her feel a tiny bit better. 

Will she sense when I am holding her in a few weeks the unbelievable love I have for her that makes my heart about to explode? I hope so. I hope she will know that I already would do anything for her, that every time I have a text with a picture of her I about want to die and that every minute of every day I would give anything just to hold her. 

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